14 December 2011 @ 04:53 pm
Introductions Post  
Hello & Welcome to this Community

The Membership is moderated
YOU CAN JOIN in the Following way:

Introduce Yourself:
Name / Age / Country:
*you must not when you have in your Profil*
Your Gender:
Hobbys / Interest:
*you must not when you have in your Profil*
Favourite Artist:
Favorite Groups:
Somthing to say:
*you must not*

Read The Rules here
write this in your own words so that I belive you that you have understand the Rules
Promise me that you will follow them

Be sure that you have an Aktive journal (LJ Open ID or DW)
Click the JOIN BUTTON ;)

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xiu[personal profile] xiu on May 5th, 2012 10:27 pm (UTC)
Name / Age / Country: Nori/26/USA
Your Gender: Ladyparts
Hobbys / Interest: Artstuffs, languages, photoshop-fu, horseback riding
Favourite Artist: Matsumoto Jun, Lee Dong Hae, Jiro Wang, Ookawa Genki
Favorite Groups: Arashi, NEWS, Super Junior, Fahrenheit, DBSG/JYJ, misc ancient JE/SM groups.
Something to say: I've pretty much only just started actually posting on DW, so most of my activity is over on LJ ([livejournal.com profile] mikage)

& I promise to not share, stream, or claim as my own, and shall always comment when taking something :)
sherry_true: Arashi 16[personal profile] sherry_true on May 6th, 2012 01:45 pm (UTC)