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ochitakuro ([personal profile] ochitakuroitenshi) wrote in [community profile] beloved_melody on August 12th, 2012 at 02:19 pm
Name / Age / Country: Kuroitenshi/15/Singapore
Your Gender: Female
Hobbys / Interest: Listening to Music, Playing the Piano
Favourite Artist: Johnny's Jr (Morimoto Shintaro, Kyomoto Taiga, Hokuto Matsumura
Favorite Groups: NEWS, ABC-Z, Sexy Zone
Somthing to say: Hello again. I'm a member of beloved_melody and I joined this as I read your post there.

I have read the rules and I promise to follow all of them. Anything taken from here will be for personal enjoyment only. I will try to comment every time I take something, but I might forget.

Hope I can join (:
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