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kyrie_mabo ([personal profile] kyrie_mabo) wrote in [community profile] beloved_melody on April 17th, 2017 at 02:26 am
Name / Age / Country: Kanako / 22 / PH

Your Gender:Hobbys / Interest: I love watching dramas and I generally do reviews when I can. I love my fandoms too!

Favourite Artist:Favorite Groups:Somthing to say: I have these in my profile, but my main group is TOKIO! Though I would love to know more about all other groups out there. I see that you also like ABS, I actually like Hiroshi Shibasaki, and even more when he was with WANDS!! I love WANDS!

I promise to follow the rules ( not to share, not to steam, and I definitely wont claim this as my own work :)

Thank you!
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